Sunday, February 8, 2009


Shane Stay

Melle Mel,

I'm so glad we can disagree on your movie choice because what would our site be if we agreed on everything? Boring! While I agree with your brilliant assessment of how bad Electric Bugaloo was, in regards to the acting, plot, etc., I can't bring myself to ever watch it again! I loathe this movie. However, what I love is Breakin' 1, the original.

I love Breakin' 1 for the same reasons Mel loves Electric Bugaloo, it's horrible! But that's why I love it. It is a precious jewel from the past. The huge draw back in Electric Bugaloo is (1) I don't know how to spell "Bugaloo" correctly and (2) there were not as many good dance scenes. In Breakin' 1 there were some truely remarkable dance exhibitions, particularly by Turbo. But, I love Mel's choice of scene to reference from Electric Bugaloo, when Kelly was confronted with a life-changing opportunity to live out her dreams in France or...go see Turbo in the hospital! Let's go see Turbo - sure hope he's all right, and maybe if we're lucky the best dancer in the cast might try and hobble out a few moves from his cast-ridden body!

So, do yourself a favor and check out both Breakin' 1 and Electric Bugaloo. Compare, contrast, write a thesis on what you saw. Obviously, Mel and I have put way too much time in two dance movies that should have been destroyed like Corey Haim's career. Also, for my pick, if you really want to see bad acting wait for the scene on the beach, toward the end, when Kelly finds Ozone contemplating things. He soon explains to her that she doesn't understand him! It's beautiful.

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